Светлана Лобода рассекретила пол будущего ребенка The singer accidentally revealed a personal secret. Now Svetlana Loboda is abroad and preparing for the second time become a mother. A young woman travels with her daughter, who let slip a family secret.
Светлана Лобода рассекретила пол будущего ребенка

Svetlana Loboda is reluctant to share details about his personal life. The young woman until recently refused to publicize their pregnancy. She chose loose outfits that showed off her rounded tummy. A little later, the star has confessed that becoming a mom for the second time. However, the name of the father of the child she never called.

Also the actress refused to talk about the field of the future baby. However, recently Svetlana posted on Instagram of stories involving her daughter. During the song “Your eyes,” eve blurted out that her soon to be born sister. The girl famously altered the lyrics of a song in the end from her mouth came the phrase: “your sister”, “belly sitting”. At the end of the video the baby against the mother’s stomach. The video managed to see only some fans of the star: after a couple of hours, the artist deleted it from her Instagram.

Fans have long speculated that Loboda is waiting for the girl. However, the numerous questions of the audience, the star did not give a definite answer. Now fans are convinced that the artist will soon become a mother of two charming daughters.

By the way, the eldest heir of the actress certainly glad the imminent addition to their family. During the period of maternity leave Svetlana spends all his free time with the girl, enjoying a brief break from touring and performances.

“I am too fond of his life to abandon him for a long time. So very soon I got something to tell you in the songs,” said Loboda under one of the posts on Instagram.

The star has repeatedly said that he intends to stay in the decree. In the summer she planned a lot of Grand speeches. So with a newborn baby and it will hold together just a few weeks. Earlier Svetlana told me that even in the last stages of pregnancy she will be recording songs, cooking videos and to develop a new concept for concerts.

Fans are not tired to be surprised to the health of the actress, because she has enough time not only to work but to care about her daughter. One of the last photos of Svetlana with little eve has caused excitement among her fans.

“The daughter is very similar to you. Grow a talented and hard-working”, “the Beautiful mother and happy child next to you,” “eve, probably because he misses his mom when you’re on the road. But at least now nauseates and to tell a story,” wrote the fans of the stars.

By the way, the first pregnancy she concealed carefully. Fans are sure that the star does not want to divert attention from creativity and to allow the public to personal space. Now the artist is credited novels with many Russian and foreign celebrities, but she does any way to hide aspects of their lives beyond the stage.