Svetlana Loboda gave a big party for friends

Светлана Лобода устроила шумную вечеринку для друзей On the eve of the actress birthday. The event organized in one of capital restaurants, gathered friends and colleagues of Svetlana. The birthday girl was pleased guests with some rooms.

On the eve of Svetlana Loboda celebrated a birthday. The singer, whose songs are loved by millions of listeners, had a party at one of the restaurants in the centre of Moscow. The event brought together friends and acquaintances of the artist. From the beginning of the day Loboda received congratulations in social networks. Philip left a touching message to a colleague.

“You went a long way to the big break. You chose a difficult path of challenging experiments, errors and mistakes, which as a result lead you to incredible success in a very difficult time, when it’s difficult to amaze anyone and draw attention to themselves, and so agreeable today and sweeter your victory and triumph,” said the singer, laying out a series of photos with Svetlana.

The event in honor of the birthday Loboda took place in the institution, the walls of which were decorated with musical instruments. The birthday girl appeared on the evening in a chic dress steel shade decorated with sequins. Guests of the holiday were Yana Rudkovskaya, Philip, Alan Badoev, Arman Davletyarov, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Natalia Ionova and many others.

Special surprise for the audience was the performance of Svetlana together with Alexander Revva. Celebrities lit on stage, sexy moving next to each other. Earlier stars already sang a duet at the concert Loboda, as well as other music festivals.

Besides, this evening on the stage stood Katie Topuria and Grigory Leps, who have decided to arrange improvised. The singer sat down behind the kit and played along with the soloist in A Studio.

Many of his colleagues in show business emphasize that Svetlana is one of the most seductive singers. Each output of the stars on the red carpet caused lively discussion among her fans. Loboda says that she has to tour a lot and regularly to eat, so it stays slim.

“I was very worried and the stress is rapidly lost weight. And the schedule is not allowed to relax. Because in a month I can have up to 30 concerts. But before I give all the best completely in rehearsal, seven sweats descends. Arrange a physical workout – repeat the choreography with ballet, and vocal and regularly engage with the teacher. However, on the stage forget about everything. The audience is able to breathe energy into me,” said Svetlana.