Светлана Лобода объяснила, почему скрывала вторую беременность The singer is going to give birth in Los Angeles. Selection of Svetlana Loboda fell on an elite clinic that was used by Lil Wayne and Madonna. The celebrity admitted that he is not going to go on maternity leave.

35-year-old Svetlana Loboda is going to become a mother for the second time. The singer is preparing for the big event in Los Angeles, where she went immediately after she disclosed the pregnancy. Along with the star to America, went to her daughter Evangelina. That Svetlana is in an interesting position, she said at the music awards “BraVo”, held in March. Then the celebrity came out in the outfit that emphasized her rounded belly, and then made an official statement about his personal life.

About the father of the second child Svetlana prefers not to tell. According to rumors, it is the soloist of the German rock band Rammstein till Lindemann. Star is in no hurry to clear up the speculation of the public. In a recent interview, the singer explained why you’ve been hiding a second pregnancy.

Svetlana Loboda hides the father of the unborn child from parents

“I care about my personal life, I’m an artist, to me and so attracted the attention. If you do not surround themselves with a protective shell, it is impossible to cope with a huge number of curious and involved in my life. It was important for me to keep secret such an intimate position as long as possible,” – said the celebrity reporters.

The last few months the community discussed changes to the figure of Svetlana. Fans have been guessing what they might be connected. The singer admitted that she was funny to read the speculation of fans.

“I’m very skinny and had a lifetime of teenage the weight of 48-50 kg. But during pregnancy the body becomes more feminine. Of course, it is noticeable. But it’s easier for people to think that I made once according to the hundred thousandth plastic surgery than to assume that my life happened an important event”, – complains the singer.

Despite the interesting position, Svetlana has worked and performed until the seventh month of pregnancy. The singer was not a weekend, a week off at the beginning of the year. As part of a major tour Loboda traveled about 70 cities and several countries. According to star, she is still full of strength and energy.

“In Los Angeles I had appointments, shooting, Studio work, so the Grand plans. And the kids are always with me and Evie, and kangaroo. Nothing will change when the baby is born, I have father, mother, they are always ready to help,” said the celebrity.

Svetlana is not going to go on maternity leave. Now she took a small break to plan for the future and think about new sound. About this star told in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. Autumn Loboda is going to please fans of songs, music videos and concerts. It is known that the singer is going to go on stage the capital Crocus City Hall, shows the stars scheduled for the end of October. Svetlana is going to perform two days in a row.