Svetlana Loboda congratulated daughter of the fifth anniversary

Светлана Лобода поздравила дочь с пятилетием

Former member of the group Viagra Svetlana Loboda congratulated my five year old daughter Evangelina, born to the marriage with choreographer Andrew King a happy birthday. On his page in social network Ukrainian singer posted several pictures with her daughter and devoted little girl is a touching congratulation.

Светлана Лобода поздравила дочь с пятилетием

“My little sweetheart ❤ you today 5 and you’re so grown up…. Life goes on and every day I say “thank you“ for you…. Night kissed your arms out and asked the sky to help you and protect you … be happy, Be healthy. Let on the way you meet only good people. I will always be there. Always Love…” wrote Svetlana.

With Andrew after the divorce, the singer has remained friends. He is seen with her daughter almost every day and is actively involved in her upbringing.
“I decided that my personal relationships should not affect my child” — said Svetlana in an interview with “Rest”. On the causes of divorce with her husband singer said the following:
“We very quickly fell in love. Even before I realized that in each other there are many things that we don’t like and don’t like. With the birth of Evangeline everything has only worsened. My inner state was not the best – I worked to the last, and one week after childbirth stood on the stage, I was tired and literally exhausted, which also affected our relations with Andrey”.

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