Svetlana Loboda boasted the talents of daughter

Светлана Лобода похвасталась талантами дочери Star mom trying to spend all my free time with my daughter Evangelina. The girl is very developed, strong and talented child. Singer notes that the character of the daughter is a little more difficult, it requires a special approach.

      Светлана Лобода похвасталась талантами дочери

      For a long time Svetlana Loboda showed my daughter. Even while pregnant with Evangelina star secret that is expecting a child. Only eight months, everyone knew that the singer in position. Loboda does not like to advertise the events that happen in her family. However, for the first time in a long time, the singer spoke about her five year old daughter Evangeline.

      The girl grows strong personality and pleases his mother with his own abilities. “Evie – wildly emotional and surprisingly intelligent child. I say surprisingly, because I don’t understand how at the age of five to have such a large vocabulary or to use such turns of speech as it is,” said Loboda.

      The daughter and mother leave for a maximum of two weeks, as she is very bored without a girl. On some tours, the singer even takes a Evangelina herself. During the separation, the singer communicates with her daughter via Skype.

      The star believes her baby is a very active child who almost never gets tired. “If eve not to do something, she will make us all a brain. Despite his busy daughter at bedtime and jumping on the bed! Don’t understand where she got that strength and energy”, – said Svetlana.

      According to star, she is engaged in the development of girls. Evangelina plays a little guitar, so her mom is trying to show petrenec girl films dedicated to music.

      “Strumming something, with this funny grimace and pretend to be a singer. Also I show eve documentary films about legendary musicians, trying to enlighten her in this regard. For example, not so long ago we watched the picture “the doors”, “Amy”, – said the singer. Loboda does not withholds any questions from the child. When you see these paintings, she explains to Eva, what is good and what is bad.

      Once the singer took the child with him on tour, and she saw her mother sing on stage. “Last year, the Girl flew with me to Turkey where I had 15 concerts, and there she first saw how I work. As she was looking at me!.. After a speech in the dressing room came my mother in tears and told me that during the concert Eva clapped, sang, shouted that she got the best, the most beautiful goddess! It’s very touching,” – said Svetlana in the interview

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