Svetlana Loboda boasted a spectacular engagement ring

Светлана Лобода похвасталась эффектным обручальным кольцом
In social networks discuss the impending wedding of the actress.

Светлана Лобода похвасталась эффектным обручальным кольцом

Svetlana Loboda

Photo: @lobodaofficial Instagram Svetlana Loboda

A few days ago, fans of Svetlana Loboda noticed that the singer has a distinctive piece of jewelry. On “that finger” of the right hand of the actress now flaunts a luxurious engagement ring. Fans believe that the singer has received an offer of marriage and is now preparing for a secret wedding.

Svetlana is unique in the world of show business. Many other stars have for the sake of PR “dump” on the audience details of their personal and sometimes intimate life. Loboda, on the other hand, refuses to be interviewed about personal, while remaining at the peak of popularity. The singer attracted the attention of the masses with new songs. Recently, she recorded the main soundtrack to the film “Gogol. Wii”, which last week launched in cinemas across the country.

Pregnant Svetlana Loboda showed a luxury Villa in Los Angeles

It is known that she will give birth in the States, where she arrived shortly after the announcement about maternity leave. At the time of his visit, the artist rented a luxury Villa in Los Angeles. Together with her across the ocean flew and daughter Eva, who is eagerly awaiting the birth of a baby. In the winter of this year, Svetlana said that she would give birth to the daughter of a brother.