Svetlana Lazareva has condemned the adultery of the former husband of Katya Semenova

Светлана Лазарева осудила измену бывшего мужа Кати Семеновой A month ago, the singer of hits “Schoolgirl” and “a minute” has officially dissolved his marriage to humorist Michael, Tereshenko. The couple separated after two decades spent together. Friend of Katya Semenova Svetlana Lazareva decided to support her after the divorce.
Светлана Лазарева осудила измену бывшего мужа Кати Семеновой

Earlier this year the star of the ‘ 80s Katya Semenova divorced comedian Michael, Tereshenko after 25 years of marriage. The husband of the singer there was another woman. “Sometimes treason is the betrayal. He betrayed me. I gave myself a year after her call. She said that they have not know how to get rid of me,” – said the singer in the program “My hero.” However Semenova considers the separation from a loved one disaster. Celebrity began to develop social networks and often interact with fans.

Journalists contacted a colleague Katya Semenova in show business Svetlana Lazareva. Artist supported with a good friend. In her opinion, Katie spouse did wrong. Lazarev believes that Tereshenko still punish the universe.

“Kate is a wonderful friend, talented man. Now let them try to be happy those who are sly and very meanly betrayed you, – said Lazarev with journalists. Betrayal can be forgiven, but is it possible to forget him, that is the question. I know one thing: any heinous treacherous act will be punished. It’s not because we want this decided universe. So be it”.

The news about the separation of Tereshenko and Semenova came as a surprise to fans of the artist. From their, the pair seemed very harmonious. For the first time about the problems in the relationship with her husband she told Kate. She posted a photo of husband and his alleged lady.

Katya Semenova divorced after 25 years of marriage

Светлана Лазарева осудила измену бывшего мужа Кати Семеновой“The circus is closed! My ex-husband with his partner. I hope that someday I will be able to wash. I didn’t mean to deceive anyone, it so happened,” – said the singer in December last year.

The post singer boomed like thunder from a clear sky. Fans of Katie could not believe that she decided to end the marriage with Michael. As it turned out, the crisis in the family Semenova was long overdue. The actress tried to save the family but couldn’t. “I called this woman, told that I was just in shock, – shared the singer with journalists. – I developed reactive depression on the basis of experience.”

In January of this year Semenova finally broke up with Tereshenko. An official divorce of the pair was held on 9 January. The artist decided not to divide the jointly acquired property. According to Katie, Michael has got almost everything – a car, a motorcycle and giving. Now the singer intends to focus on career. About how to find happiness in his personal life, Semenova still not thinking. Colleague Katya Svetlana Lazarev believes that it has all come. “Behind closed doors always open new”, – quotes the familiar Semenova