Светлана Кузнецова вернулась на корт после тяжелой реабилитации Tennis player told how he recovered after major surgery, which moved last fall. Due to a surgical intervention she had to miss the beginning of the tennis season.

Svetlana Kuznetsova is one of the most titled tennis player of Russia, the winner of two tournaments Grand slam, three-time winner of the Federation Cup, once the second racket of the world. She’s 32 and she is not going to finish career. However, in the last year of her life in tennis was in jeopardy. In November 2017, the athlete came on the surgical table. Svetlana had a serious operation on the left hand, an injury which prevented her from full to speak. “Friends who have recently had a minor operation on his left hand, which he injured at the beginning of the US Open. All went well and after a few weeks I should be fully healthy, ready to train and full of hope for a great season in 2018,” wrote Svetlana, then in his microblog. No sooner said than done.

And although she had to miss the beginning of the tennis season and to refuse to participate in the Open championship of Australia four months later, Svetlana returned to the court. Previously, the athlete announced that he was going to play in the tournaments of Indian wells and Miami, and now kept his word. On March 10, it will play its first game this year against Alina Sobolenko from Belarus.

The day before she said “StarHit” about his health.

“The operation was last year, but the recovery period can not predict any doctor. For me this situation first. I feel good, but physically show himself in the case, I won’t think. We, the athletes, there are too many factors that affect the result. I didn’t just skip a season, but the time I did not lose, – diversify your life with new and interesting activities: participated in television projects, he tried himself in the leading role, was able to devote time to their friends,” said Svetlana “StarHit”.

Kuznetsov also noted that the whole time, even while in America, I felt the support of friends. “Yes, of course, famous friends support me. Glucose, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Svetlana Khorkina, our players,” said Svetlana.

Despite the downtime in training, the player in good shape. Although as she admits, no special effort to maintain yourself in shape does not take.

“I’m not on a diet, I just watch your diet. Yes, of course, limit themselves in many ways, but without fanaticism and without compromising functionality. Now the day I have is this: Rise at 08.00, Breakfast, training, training and again training, and in between interviews and footage, but only about sports and about sports,” – said Kuznetsov.

Tennis fans, fans Kuznetsova actively follow your favorite athlete and wish her the best of luck in the new season and very happy to have her back. Kuznetsova admits that if you had to take some soft toys as a mascot, but now, when behind shoulders a wide experience, it is without any charms.

Svetlana Kuznetsova 32 years, she is not married, and as he admitted once, never dreamed of a white wedding dress.