Светлана Хоркина выступит с программой «Кармен» 20 лет спустя
The champion spoke about his unique project.

Svetlana Khorkina

Photo: press service

gymnast, Olympic champion and 9-time world champion and
13-time European champion Svetlana Khorkina will perform in the show “Alexei Nemov
and sports legends,” which will be held September 16 at DS
“Megasport”. Svetlana is preparing an incredible gift for their
fans – she will present their program “Carmen”, which
acted 20 years ago in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympics.

2016 year marks 20 years since our legendary team
gymnastics made in Atlanta — says Svetlana Khorkina. — I
I think it was one of the strongest teams in the history of this sport in
our country. This kind of anniversary we are preparing a great show where he will speak
our best gymnasts. For a project I’m preparing my program floor exercises
“Carmen”, which was then at the Olympics. In addition, it is
with “Carmen,” I came first in the youth team of the USSR, and then in
the Russian national team. So this program is for me a landmark. Of course, it will be
incomplete acrobatic component, but I think the room will be quite
recognizable. I’ve long since retired from the sport, but all these years I never
lose shape. Every day I exercise, in addition, continually
master classes for young athletes. All this allows us to maintain a level not
at least the first digit.”

soon Svetlana will go to the Olympics in Rio as a fan.
She plans to visit all the possible competitions to support our
team. The specific priority, of course, gymnastics.

we are very strong team and I think our women’s team can
expect at least 3 medals, — says Svetlana. — As for male
the team, according to my projections, they can also bring at least three
the Olympic awards. I will try to capture all of
the team and I wish our athletes, our team has performed well. If
the athlete head and shoulders above his rivals, he can’t stop no
the scandals”.

In addition
Svetlana Khorkina and Alexei Nemov’s show “Alexei Nemov and Legends
sports” September 16, will perform the famous gymnasts Anton
Golotsutskov, Nikolai Kryukov, Elena Zamolodchikova. The current team will present
Aliya Mustafina, Denis Ablazin other famous athletes. In addition,
private rooms agreed to act Oksana Chusovitina and Jordan Yovchev,
legendary gymnasts, only in the history of participants in six summer Olympic games.
Rhythmic gymnastics will present leysan utiasheva, Irina Chashchina, Jan
Kudryavtseva, Margarita Mamun and Alexandra Soldatova. Jumping on a trampoline Dmitry
Ushakov, Andrei Yudin and Yana Pavlova. In addition, the show will be attended by
multiple world Champions in acrobatic rock-n-roll Olga and Ivan Sbitnev

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