Svetlana Khorkina talking about the birth of her second child

Светлана Хоркина заговорила о рождении второго ребенка Famous athlete dreams about the baby. Svetlana Khorkina-raising 12-year-old son Svyatoslav. She admitted she loves children and is thinking about how to give her husband an heir.
Светлана Хоркина заговорила о рождении второго ребенка

Two-time Olympic champion Svetlana Khorkina is trying to carefully hide his personal life. 12 years ago she gave birth to in the US, son of Svyatoslav, but still an athlete not admitted who the father of the child. According to one version, it is the actor Levan Uchaneishvili.

As it turned out, now gymnasts have a husband with whom she is happy. A celebrity is going to give the spouse a charming baby. She admitted she loves children, and therefore plans to become a mom again.

“I’d really like, said Khorkina. – I believe that all of our wealth in children, in the young generation. I don’t care, I’ll have a girl or a boy, I make everyone work on themselves and work for the good of the Fatherland. We are only young and can hope that they will be able to save the future of the country”.

Svetlana considers himself a happy man – she gladly does what he likes, And she has family, she tries to spend as much time as possible. Gymnast glad with her – the perfect man that meets her requirements. “My husband and I love ice fishing, hunting. I like spending time with family, just watching the fire, talking about anything,” reveals the secret of Khorkina.

Famous gymnast admits that because of the constant employment she did not so often manage to talk heart to heart with a teenage son. She’s very proud that he has a lot of Hobbies in which he reaches certain results. Svetlana admitted in an interview with that tries to be a demanding mother and convinces the boy that he can do better.

“I love to get out of town with my son for the summer, so that there is an opportunity to spend some time with him one on one. That’s when I realize that he grew up and that time flies very quickly. He goes to school, I work, so we are left with only evening and weekend to spend time together – said Khorkina. My son is interested in computer technology, gaming. It comes easily learning languages, he can speak Chinese, play chess. He has a brown belt in taekwond, and he almost does the splits. I always tell him that this is not enough to become a successful person, but actually very proud of it. Often I am strict and demanding mother, but it all depends on the situation.”