Светлана Ходченкова увлеклась шитьем
The actress has a new hobby.

Svetlana Khodchenkova

Photo: NTV

The actress does not hide her love for sewing and knitting, but today this is no surprise. A new hobby, which Svetlana pays more of their personal time, quite exotic and also pleases not only her but her friends. “I can’t do only work, but also to relax, doing nothing, too, can not, — says the actress. Now I am particularly fascinated by the tattoo fabric on the mannequin. This is a special method of sewing, which allows you to make one piece of fabric a transformer in the form of a skirt, dress or poncho. In the process feel like a real Creator, under your hands, a vivid image appears. So I started a hobby that truly captivates me”.

For his recent holiday in Bali Khodchenkova made for myself and friends pareo, in which they passed the greater part of his stay on Paradise island. “It really was the most comfortable that I have worn for the last time on holiday. Of course, it all depends on the climate and fabric, but me and the girlfriend have arranged everything. I really like to sew for someone, it is very amusing and pleasant, albeit a serious matter.”