Svetlana Khodchenkova mastering pole dancing

Светлана Ходченкова осваивает танцы на шесте The actress is excited subscribers provocative frame. You see how Svetlana and her friend posing near the pylon. Fans of the stars began to speculate why she decided to go on such courses.

Svetlana Khodchenkova tries to tell fans about travel and new work projects. At the moment, the actress used in the movie by Karen Oganesyan “Life ahead”, where her partners were Alexander PAL and Paul Priluchny. However, in his spare time from filming Khodchenkova mastering a new craft. On the last frame of Svetlana posing near pole – pole dance direction pole-dance. Apparently, a celebrity taking lessons in Stripping. On his feet Khodchenkova, you can see shoes on a thick platform and heel, worn by professional dancers.

Subscribers actress was delighted with such a provocative image. Most of the followers began to praise the graceful forms of the artist. “What shape, Shine you’re the fire you’re hot”, “Beautiful”, “Girls beauty”, wrote in the comments of the star.

We will remind that earlier Svetlana dancing on the pole. Last year in Cannes presented a film project “Blood on the dance floor”, where she plays a stripper. As claimed Khodchenkova, to master the pole was really hard, because it requires incredibly strong and sturdy hands. At rehearsals, the actress was washing my hands in the blood and felt immense pain, and her skin bruises. In the Russian hire the picture has not yet emerged. Other dancers in action played Svetlana Ustinova and Anna chipovskaya.

Despite his busy work schedule, Khodchenkova managed to allocate a few days to attend the Cannes film festival. The actress shone on the red carpet of the anniversary show, and her dress, decorated with gold ruffles, caused a flurry of laudatory reviews. Some of the guests of the event noted that her outfit was not inferior to evening toilet leading the opening and closing of the festival, Monica Bellucci. Svetlana Khodchenkova and Monica Bellucci is confronted in Cannes in similar dresses

Recall that in the autumn of this year in rolling out the film “Life ahead”, where Khodchenkova will play the first beauty class. The film will tell about several graduates who meet ten years after graduation. The occasion was a sad event – the death of Lehi, one of the quiet guys of the former 11 B. Classmates are immersed in memories, which may hold the clue to the tragic events of the present.