Svetlana Khodchenkova changed her image

Светлана Ходченкова резко сменила имидж The actress has surprised fans with a short haircut and new hair color. In the picture shared by Svetlana, she appeared with a black caret. Fans disliked the changes in the appearance of a celebrity.

      Star of theatre and cinema Svetlana Khodchenkova never ceases to amaze fans. In the chart of actress almost no free time because she is regularly involved in the shooting. In 2017 comes a few pictures with her participation: “drop of love” and the series “ordeal”. Apparently, for the role in one of the tapes, Svetlana decided on a radical change of image.

      A young woman shared her picture in which she appeared with black short hair. Fans have begun to wonder wig or not. Svetlana has not commented on the published photo.

      “This is an unexpected hairstyle”, “Sexy”, “Black?”, “It’s great, but tell me this is a wig”, “Extravagant”, “Fatal”, “Wow! Here is the transformation! As always, some admiration! Brilliant actress of our time!”, “Unusual”, “not learned”, “Very good”, “not to know at all, hope it’s a wig,” wrote the followers of the star.

      The following photos followers Khodchenkova was able fully to appreciate the image of the actress. A woman stands on the train tracks, dressed in the style of young ladies of the early 20th century. “Night. Street. A light…” – signed frame Svetlana, quoting a poem by Alexander Blok.

      Her fans continued these lines and suggested that the picture was taken during the evening of the shooting with the participation of Khodchenkova. Some netizens compared the actress with Anna Karenina, as there was a noticeable resemblance. One of the followers even dedicated to the actress a short poem: “Night, street, lamp, railway, and train somewhere in the distance rustles. And all the rays of mysterious light Svetlana on the way is!” – joked the commentator.

      In addition to filming a movie, Khodchenkova has been writing stories in collaboration with the psychotherapist Rusalem Blavo. “I immediately realized: she’s the one who I need. And invited her to collaborate to write the lyrics for the project “Therapy”. Khodchenkova liked the idea and she immediately agreed. Moreover, part of the money will go to charity,” said the specialist “StarHit”. Svetlana Khodchenkova is writing a book about love