Svetlana Ivanova was back in shape two weeks after giving birth

Светлана Иванова вернулась в форму через две недели после родов
The actress showed perfect figure.

Photo: Instagram

In late April, Svetlana Ivanova became a mother for the second time. The actress gave birth to a baby in Israel, where he moved a couple of months before the baby born. And now, two weeks after the birth, the star of “pregnancy Test” showed a perfect figure on the Playground. Ivanova now spends time on her: her eldest daughter, Pauline can play with peers, and a newborn baby is happily sleeping in the fresh air. Svetlana herself, too, rolls around on the swings.

Fans of the actress have noticed that Ivanova looks just fine. But if the waist or somewhere else there are a couple of extra pounds, they actress only paint. The secret of such a rapid return to usual volumes is simple — until the last month of pregnancy the actress was beloved Pilates. Of course, under the supervision of a coach and only those exercises, which are allowed during normal pregnancy.

By the way, Svetlana has still not told the fans, who she gave birth to a boy or a girl. And, moreover, the name of the newborn kept secret. That the actress became twice a mother, the public learned it from her post on Instagram where Ivanova wrote that “her children are sleeping.”

We will remind that 32-the summer actress of theatre and cinema pregnant again, it became known in February. About my personal life to tell Ivanova does not like, but we know that the father of her children — directed by dzhanik Fayziev.