Svetlana Ivanova prepares for the birth of the child

Светлана Иванова готовится к рождению ребенка
Recently famous actress Svetlana Ivanova almost impossible to see at social events.

Светлана Иванова готовится к рождению ребенка

It turned out the reason that Svetlana is waiting for a second child. Because of this, she decided to reduce the amount of work and focus on the future baby.

Светлана Иванова готовится к рождению ребенка

“Most likely, to give birth to Light it will be in Israel. They have the best doctors, medicine at the highest level. But the main reason she wants to keep secret it is a joyful event, it decided to fly away from prying eyes.

Now Janik and Light are prepared, quietly looking out the furniture for the nursery, vests and other pleasant things. By the way, the sex of the baby the couple keeps a closely guarded secret, even from loved ones” – sharing friends of the actress.

Recall that the child’s father is a civil husband Svetlana, Director dzhanik Fayziev.

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