Светлана Иванова перестала скрывать беременность
The actress showed off a big “pregnant” belly.

In the photo, with actress Anastasia Tsvetaeva

Photo: Instagram

The star of the series “pregnancy Test” and many other films Svetlana Ivanova hid his “interesting” situation to the last. That the actress will once again be a mother first realized her colleagues. Why else would a successful actress on the wave of its popularity suddenly ceased to come to the stage of the theater, has canceled all filming, and the new didn’t agree? And when Ivanova in the last months flew to Sunny Israel, where, apparently, and plans to produce a baby into the world.

The Holy land Svetlana walks a lot, takes a rest, eats well, spends a lot of time eldest daughter Pauline. The girl this year is 6 years old and she is already looking forward to the birth of a brother or sister. The child’s gender is already known, but kept secret.

Ivanova did not like to tell the public about his personal life. For example, the novel with Director Janik Fayzieva ensued the actress back in 2011 on the set of the film “August. The eighth”. A “declassified” only in 2014, when their common daughter was already two years. Confirmed their relationship they only in 2015, but still not share the details of his family life with anyone but close friends.

But now something became known. It is assumed that the second couple’s child will be born this spring. His position Ivanov moves perfectly, and a big belly does not prevent her to meet with friends and do Pilates.