Svetlana Ivanova is preparing for the housewarming

Светлана Иванова готовится к новоселью
The actress moved into a new apartment.

Svetlana Ivanova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Svetlana Ivanova is busy: it removed a lot, goes on tour, brings three-year-old daughter Pauline. And soon the actress will have another wonderful time together with her family she moved to a new apartment.

In this regard, Ivanov upset due to the behavior of his daughter. “I sometimes switched to bad COP, and I feel that I at least occasionally listened to was order and nobody drew on the walls, — says the actress. — You we soon move into a new apartment, and would be a great pity if Pauline will spoil a beautiful repair. Now she has a new hobby — on the walls, she sculpts clay”.

Svetlana is a cause for concern because the current space of the apartment her daughter has completely mastered. “We even have a bathtub in the installation “the chicken Coop”, smiles Ivanov. Is Pauline in the niche
staged a whole little world, which cannot in any case remove: “Because there
live chicken, Chicks, they hang on the wall clock and the announcement!”

The actress admits that Pauline is growing as a creative and curious person that Ivanova itself, sometimes it is difficult to correspond to it. “My daughter, for example, it is necessary to conduct any debate, without losing
in this case, — continues Svetlana. — If I need to explain to her that the hand wash is necessary, I
have to do it very convincingly. In the course are pictures of intestinal
sticks from the Internet. Pauline asks a lot of questions. Recently asked
what is the middle name of Eugene Onegin, I was stunned. Google to help me…
Onegin had no middle name, Pushkin did for me. Pauline now requires
to see why Pushkin did with Onegin. In General, we have
Dittisham interesting, eventful life”.

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