Svetlana Ivanova: “I will Soon go out of a movie”

Светлана Иванова: «Скоро я уйду из кино»

30-year-old actress decided to abandon a career in favor of motherhood.

How to combine family and career? It seems that way. At least, so says the actress Svetlana Ivanova. In a recent interview she admitted that if she has any more children, she will leave the cinema…

Svetlana Ivanova after the birth of daughter Pauline in 2012, took up the work with even greater enthusiasm. Over the past three years, she managed to star in 20 films, among which the series “a pregnancy Test” and the film “Legend № 17”. Also recently, the premiere of the film “Hero”, in which she starred in together with Dima Bilan (read more HERE).

With this arrangement it is possible to assume that the actress is ready to do anything for fame and success. But it’s not. The other day the celebrity told the journalists that at any moment ready to leave the movie.

“Suppose that I after some time will cease to be an artist, quoted Svetlana Ivanova magazine “7 Days”. — The profession does not condone shifting towards the home and household. Until I manage to combine, but I think the more I will have kids, dogs and friends, the harder I will remain an actress”.

Also Svetlana said that not is sorry that he went back to work when her daughter was little, but lately her all the more eager to spend time in the family and not on the set. Fortunately, the solution supports not only relatives, but also the agent Nellie.

“My agent Nellie, with whom I have been cooperating for many years, me feels and understands. And when I say, “Nel, that’s a month I don’t want to work at all,” she says, “OK”. And no pressure, does not say, “Light, but we will lose a role, a job, and you do forget,” said Svetlana Ivanova.

Incidentally, Svetlana Ivanova acted in the role of mothers with many children in the Comedy “Family Thriller”. It is known that her partner in the film became Tatiana Vasilyev, Stanislav Sadalsky, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

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