Svetlana Ivanova has added a daughter to the sport

Светлана Иванова приобщила дочь к спорту
4-year-old Pauline is very active child.

Светлана Иванова приобщила дочь к спорту

Svetlana Ivanova

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Svetlana Ivanova’t imagine my life without sport, to be exact — without Pilates. Actress goes to a special Studio, where she works with a personal trainer. Recently Ivanov took classes for 4-year-old daughter Pauline, who, after seeing how great my mom exercises, too, wished to try. Coach actress — Denis Sychev, personally controlled a child properly performed a simple movement.

“Uncle Dennis, let’s see, I got it right?” the matter was clarified newfound athlete coach.

Polina and her coach

Photo: Instagram

“Polina has the strongest character of all my people, — Svetlana told the magazine “7 Days”. — I just
don’t know these children and these people. And do not really understand what do I
to make of it. She always has an opinion, it is impossible in principle
make. Although we ourselves raise as a daughter — almost without
restrictions. Prohibited only that which is dangerous to life and health. All
else it can, and Pauline knows it. On the one hand, it is great with
the other very hard. We gave, for example, in a circle, which
it is famous because it teaches children a free person. But
I had to leave. The Manager called the sitter with the request to take
Pauline soon, because she won’t let anyone to work, says,
who where should sit, biting children. If she’s bored or neglected,
it will attract attention. If she had any fantasies and plans,
she will carry out, no matter what. Incredibly fearless,
arrogant and sometimes cocky!”

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