Svetlana Ivanova bought the apartment for $ 25 million

Светлана Иванова купила квартиру за 25 миллионов 30-year-old actress and her boyfriend, Director dzhanik Faiziev, settled in the heart of the capital. Svetlana Ivanova will live within a ten minute walk from the theater “Contemporary”, in which she works.

      Светлана Иванова купила квартиру за 25 миллионов

      The star of the series “pregnancy Test” together with her lover, film Director Dzhanik Fayzieva in the near future will move to a two bedroom apartment in the Oktyabrsky district in the field of elite housing in the capital.

      Five-room apartment with an area of 84 square meters with ceilings 3.5 meters is located on the second floor of the historic 1904 home was built. In the late 1990-ies in the building made repairs. There are only two entrances, each with ten apartments of about 100 square meters. Love shack Ivanova and Fayzieva, who publicly announced their relationship last summer, will be the master bedroom, children’s room, a guest room and a study.

      “Sveta bought a house on the street Mashkova not far from Chistye Prudy, – said the “StarHit” Irina, an employee of the theatre “Sovremennik” where is Ivanov. – Now she’s making the repair and will soon move”.

      “The house has private security, – said the “StarHit” in realtor Agency. – The yard is enclosed, there is a Playground. Directly in the building there is a grocery store. The cost of a five-room apartment at the moment is about 25 and a half million rubles.”

      But the purchase is worth it. This is not only a historical center but convenient location. From the street Mashkov to the Sovremennik theatre is just 800 metres in a straight line, is 10 minutes walk. So Svetlana will save not only on gasoline but also on time that she didn’t have to spend in traffic jams.

      We will remind, Ivanov and Faiziev have been together for five years. Not long ago, the couple considered a famous psychic Mohsen, Noruzi that said “StarHit”, which is not far off the wedding stars. “Their Union – not just the relationship of a married man at the age of young and beautiful girls. In the coming year, Ivanov will become the lawful wife Fayzieva. I see they have two children and common projects in the field of cinema. In the near future, fate will bring Ivanov to the East, she will play the lead role in one successful film. Her acting career will end with the birth of a child. But the Janik most interesting projects yet to come. This pair has all chances to become one of the most striking in the Russian show business,” he predicted, Noruzi.

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