Svetlana Ivanova became a mother for the second time

Светлана Иванова стала мамой во второй раз
The actress gave birth in Israel of a healthy and strong baby.

Svetlana Ivanova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Svetlana Ivanova
became a mother for the second time. The actress and the father of the child Janik
Fayzieva was born a healthy baby boy. The caption to the new picture in the microblog artist gave to understand that in the family of Svetlana happened the addition. “The kids are asleep, the mother in happiness!” writes Svetlana happy. The delivery was as scheduled
initially, in Israel, where the star of “pregnancy Test” flew in advance
to thoroughly prepare for this happy event. However, Paul happy
parents, as well as the name of a newborn, do not open. By the way, before the birth
the gender of the child did not know even a five year old daughter of actress — Pauline.

32-the summer actress of theatre and cinema pregnant again, it became known in February. It should be noted that Svetlana accustomed to physical activity, did not change usual
lifestyle in an interesting position. In the later stages of pregnancy Svetlana
continued sports. She studied Pilates under the supervision of a coach.
This type of training is very useful to women in the state.

The Relationship Of Janik
and Svetlana was started in 2011 on the set of the film “August. The eighth”.
For several years their romance was a well-kept secret. But in 2014, paparazzi
declassified a couple. But even then Svetlana and Janik started to advertise
life together. In 2015 they confirmed that they live together, but
to talk about the details of the novel did not.