Svetlana Fedulova won a court custody daughter

Светлана Феодулова выиграла суд по опеке над дочерью
Participant of the popular TV show “the Voice” Svetlana Fedulova some time ago reported the kidnapping of the daughter, who is ill with down’s syndrome.

Светлана Феодулова выиграла суд по опеке над дочерью

The girl’s father right in front of Svetlana took her daughter. Then the singer filed for him in court, and the other day she announced the end of the hearing. The court took her side, and now my daughter Sonia will live with it.

Светлана Феодулова выиграла суд по опеке над дочерью

“This story happened two days before the trial, when, in principle, should adjudge and determine the child’s place of residence. The husband wanted the child to live with him in the Czech Republic. At the end of April my mom flew in for the hearing on the divorce and filed a counter claim saying that I want to pick up the child. Why not just voiced at the meetings. For example, that my stuff found the drugs. The head does not fit! Well, of course, the court is not even taken into consideration. And the husband said I hinder to communicate with the child,” said Fedulova.

According to the court the girl’s father is obliged to pay double child support, as Sonia is invalid, but yet the man does not fulfill this requirement.

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