Светлана Бондарчук проводит отпуск в компании таинственного друга
The ex-wife of the famous Director hinted at a new relationship.

Svetlana Bondarchuk

Photo: @Instagram nadineobolentseva Hope Obolentseva

It seems that the personal life of Svetlana Bondarchuk after
divorce began slowly to improve. Anyway, to such conclusion
her fans, who suspected that Svetlana has a new follower. The reason
for this was the made in Italy, shared her close friend
Hope Obolentseva.

Photographer captures her lying on the beach with
a mysterious friend. The man’s face, which has a Bondarchuk attentions
in the shot, unfortunately, missed. “Tenderness…” — signed picture Hope
accompanied by the comment “sweetheart”. Subscribers remained intrigued by the personality
a close friend of Svetlana. And romantic scenes, of course, immediately
he attributed the novel. Incidentally, in the microblogging such a picture Bondarchuk
not been published, however, some time in her own comments to
the photos also began to appear a large number of meaningful

However, it is possible that the new estimated
beloved former wife of Theodore — only her close friend. Indeed, in
Italy Svetlana flew in a large circle of friends. By the way, the trip was
well timed to coincide with the birthday of Obolentseva at the party in whose honor
Bondarchuk “ride” to the fullest. She almost spent the entire evening on
the dance floor, where famously danced under incendiary rhythms.

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