Светлана Бондарчук демонстрирует нежность с таинственным кавалером The star hinted that she’s not alone. Ex-wife of a famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk showed a very sensual photo, taken during a holiday in Italy. Fans of Svetlana Bondarchuk agreed that such beauty as she will always be welcome.

      Talk about the fact that Svetlana Bondarchuk after the divorce from her famous husband come alone, it seems, are beginning to move to a new plane: from the category of speculation into a reality. That Svetlana is not alone, opaque hinted close friend Bondarchuk, socialite Hope Obolentseva. She has published in the microblog a very sensual photo in which the spouse of a former Director with undisguised tenderness looks at the man whose hand stroking her cheek. Face the mysterious cavalier in the picture not included, but the story itself is very eloquent.

      “Tenderness”, – has signed a snapshot with Svetlana Bondarchuk Hope Obolentseva and added intrigue, accompanied by the publication of heart. Photo taken on the beach. As you know, Svetlana Bondarchuk with a group of friends is enjoying his holidays in Italy. A star captured in a swimsuit, and all again can see how slim and good this woman is. Fans of Svetlana no doubt – she’s having an affair, which they are only too happy.

      “Svetlana – beauty”, “Beautiful, true, woman! Desirable, beautiful, gentle, natural and always will be loved,” “Such women are always welcome,” – such comments leave under the sensual Svetlana Bondarchuk subscribers microblog Obolentseva.

      By the way, for the first time that Svetlana Bondarchuk not alone, just two months after the public announcement of the divorce, told her friend, a secular browser Bozena of Rynska. Girlfriend Svetlana Bondarchuk gave her personal secret

      “Svetlana krasivuyu one? Do not tell me. Svetlana is not one for a long time. Back in the year 2012, if I’m not mistaken, Fedor tried to persuade Svetka back, he handed her the rock, all his friends tried to persuade Svetka not to leave, and so on. It’s not my secret, I have no right to name names, but she asks not one and have not one” – said Rynska.

      We will remind, about the breakup of the 48-year-old Fedor and 47-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk became known in mid-March. The couple made a formal statement in which he announced the divorce after 25 years of marriage and his decision to stay after it in friendly relations, as well as the absence between any offense and contradictions. They also noted that the experience of gratitude and mutual respect for each other for years together.

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