Svetlana Bondarchuk “injection” face for youth

Светлана Бондарчук «обколола» лицо ради молодости
The star does not hide, what procedures does a cosmetologist.

Photo: Instagram

This year Svetlana Bondarchuk will be 50 years, but who would suspect her real age if not adult children and a wonderful grandson? Ex-wife of Fyodor Bondarchuk has always been famous for its beauty and sense of style. Not he was cheating on her and in the plan of care. She’s not keen on plastic surgery, on her face there is not an ounce of fashionable permanent make-up (unlike her sister 28-year-old Tata Bondarchuk), and she looks the same age as his own son.

Fans of Svetlana is always very interested in what helps her to be in such great shape and how she struggles with the natural age-related changes. Recently Bondarchuk revealed a secret. She has published in a personal blog photo with multiple needles stuck in her face. Subscribers immediately assumed that it is mesotherapy or masonite (also very trendy). However, Svetlana later explained that this “scary” picture only shows what it looks like ordinary acupuncture. But, of course, to perform it needs a very good master. Other Bondarchuk and does not go!

“The acupuncture points are a cluster of blood vessels and nerves, which penetrate the superficial fascia, — told about the procedure Elena lomeiko, a specialist in face and body, which goes to Ms. Bondarchuk. — When inserting the needle into the acupuncture point is an immediate impact on the circulation and nervous system, resulting in the production of serotonin and dopamine in the CNS. With the introduction of the needle into the dermis, the effect applies not only to vessels and system of nerves, but also on the extracellular matrix, which is collagen, elastin, fibroblasts and macrophages. By stimulating the dermis, the acupuncture needle we also vozdeistviem on the immune system, increasing resistance of skin to external damage”.

Meanwhile, apart from the natural desire of women to look young, Belinda is the real reason why she wants to look. According to insiders from Bondarchuk’s new novel. They say she fell in love with a photographer named Sergei Herds. He’s younger than his beloved for 12 years, but this, as I assure you friends, it does not prevent them to feel on the “same wavelength”. Svetlana happy with Sergey, but to publicize the relationship is not in a hurry.