Svetlana Bondarchuk in swimsuit condemned for excessive thinness

Светлану Бондарчук в купальнике осудили за чрезмерную худобу Fans of the star felt that she published bad frame. Svetlana Bondarchuk shared another picture from the rest, provoking a wave of not-so-friendly comments in his address. Subscribers microblog find that the woman is excessively thin.

      48-year-old fashion editor and ex-wife of a famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk Svetlana in these cold February days, warms on the remote island of Saint Barthelemy, located in the Caribbean sea.

      Pictures of luxury holidays on the famous island of millionaires socialite willing to share with subscribers microblog, talking about their days at the hot coast. However, not all frames with the recognized beauties delight the followers of Svetlana Bondarchuk. One of her bold photographs of the star emerging from the water and located in a great mood caused a rejection on the part of fans. Many felt that the photo laughing Svetlana is not very good and underlines the fact that women usually prefer to hide.

      The Bondarchuk in black bikini her followers have criticized, saying that Svetlana is not necessary so often to demonstrate its thinness, which to many seemed painful. Someone suggested that Bondarchuk has dramatically lost weight because of feelings about the divorce with your spouse. The son of Fyodor and Svetlana Bondarchuk hastened their divorce

      “Just not a very good picture, seems way too thin,” “As lost. It is too”, “something really quite thin. Svetlana, take yourself in hand and stop to lose weight”, “Svetlana and anorexia close. Why? You are very beautiful, self-sufficient, independent, with your thoughts…”, – shared their impressions from photos of Svetlana Bondarchuk one of her followers, but others at the peak they call the star of unsurpassed beauty, considering her perfection.

      “I admire you! Your femininity and your incredible strength and beauty”, “don’t understand how Fedor was able to leave this beauty?!”, “Emotions – that’s the main thing! What does fat and skinny figure?”

      Many fans are waiting for Svetlana when she will announce the new novel, since her final breakup with the famous Director was a lot of time. However, Bondarchuk is in no hurry to devote fans details his personal life.

      Note that the celebrity intrigued by the public photograph a magnificent bouquet of flowers. “From Thursday to Friday dreams come true” – these words socialite was accompanied by his picture. Some fans Svetlana decided that she demonstrated a gift from a fan, but Bondarchuk did not comment on the numerous speculation.