Svetlana Bondarchuk got rid of the luxurious curls

Светлана Бондарчук избавилась от роскошных локонов On the Cote d’azur in France is the Cannes film festival, which flew in celebrities from all corners of the world. Russian guests of the show attended the party jewelry brand Chopard, and today continue to relax under the hot sun on the Mediterranean coast. Fans of Svetlana Bondarchuk was waiting for the French surprise the star has cut her long hair.

      Светлана Бондарчук избавилась от роскошных локонов

      Svetlana Bondarchuk and other Russian stars could not miss such an event as the Cannes film festival. Socialite flew to France with my friend Evgenia Popova to visit the most colourful parties that take place on the Croisette. After parting with spouse Svetlana tries not to sit still, to not become discouraged, the star travels a lot.

      Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk announced the divorce

      On the Cote d’azur Bondarchuk “walks” your best outfits. The day before she attended the Chopard party Wild Party where together with her brilliant and other Russian celebrities: Victoria Bonya, Tatiana Navka, Ulyana Sergeenko. The image of stars in Cannes is engaged in stylist Arkady Bulatov. It was he who suggested Svetlana to go to hair – did she cut off your gorgeous curls!

      Photography with updated hair Bondarchuk master has shared on his page in the social network. “Svetlana cuts my hair, I freaked out”, – has signed a frame Bulatov. Fans leading noted that after changing the length of the blonde is very hot.

      Светлана Бондарчук избавилась от роскошных локонов

      We will remind that Svetlana for a long time experienced after breaking up with her husband by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Rumor has it that the famous Director left his wife for a young actress, whom he even plans to marry. Fyodor Bondarchuk was credited with an affair with Paulina Andreeva

      Nevertheless, the pair maintains friendly relations. “The time we spent together was wonderful, but today we went our separate ways – this fact does not have any conflicts, grievances, or conflicts. We are no longer a couple but remain friends”, – Bondarchuk has commented on the news about the divorce.

      Not so long ago, Fedor and Svetlana came together for the birthday of the daughter of Barbara, of which they rarely tell the public, because the girl lives abroad. A photo of the three of them posted in the social network, but the restoration of a romantic relationship the spouses of the question.

      According to a friend Svetlana, Bozena Rynska, a journalist, too, has a man with whom she is together for a long time. Bondarchuk, however, such information does not confirm, although fans guess that she might be in love, because looks very happy.

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