Светлана Бондарчук стала обладательницей роскошной машины Socialite continues to enjoy life after divorce. Not long ago she went on holiday in Sochi, and on the days in the garage, Svetlana settled stylish car brand. According to Bondarchuk, it just won him the “cat” appearance.

    Светлана Бондарчук стала обладательницей роскошной машины

    Recently, 47-year-old socialite sat behind the wheel of the new stylish car. Svetlana Bondarchuk became the winner of a sports crossover Jaguar F-Pace, the cost of which in the basic configuration is approximately 3.3 million rubles. Machine model Svetlana cheerful blue color, reminiscent not only of the sea surface, but about the concept Jaguar C-X17, which became the prototype of the F-Pace.

    About the new addition to your garage Svetlana hastened to share in Instagram. “My new favorite cat,” said the ex-wife of the famous Director in social networks.

    Subscribers Svetlana congratulated her on the purchase of the car and admired how beautiful the form is now a celebrity. “Beauty”, “together”, “My favorite color”, “blue”, “Good cat”, “Svetlana, wow, you have beautiful feet,” they wrote in the comments of the post Bondarchuk.

    Светлана Бондарчук стала обладательницей роскошной машины

    It is interesting that the “cat” appearance of the crossover has conquered not only the model, TV presenter and a secular lioness. One of the first sat behind the wheel of this car, the British Ambassador Fionna Gibb. According to journalists, among the main advantages of the first in the history of the car brand SUV — a relatively low price compared to similar models from other brands.

    Earlier in his Instagram Svetlana already admitted in sympathy with the cars of this brand. She laid out his picture in stylish double Roadster of the brand. “My car is 100%,” admitted then Bondarchuk.

    We also recall that this year star for the first time in a long time, missed the opening of the Moscow film festival. Viewing new movies and the red carpet Svetlana chose a beach holiday on a secluded seaside resort in Sochi. Bondarchuk gladly forgot about work and enjoyed the peace and quiet, which had long dreamed of. On one of the vacation photos. women can see how stunning she is form: like many stars, she published in social networks your photo in a bathing suit. Looking at the chiseled figure of a star, hard to believe she is not only mom, but grandma.

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