Светлана Бондарчук стала обладательницей Jaguar за 3 миллиона рублей

Upset about the divorce with the man that had been married for quarter of a century? No, not heard!

Svetlana Bondarchuk, it seems, is not even going to get upset and to worry about the fact that now she is a bird voluntary. On the contrary, the chief editor of the magazine Hello! enjoying life, resting, having fun, and even indulge themselves with expensive gifts.

One of them was a luxury car, the price of which affects the minds of ordinary mortals.

About the new addition to your garage Svetlana said in Instagram. “My new pet cat”, signed blonde photo with the Jaguar F-Pace bright blue color. Bondarchuk has not specified whether the machine is her personal purchase or is it an expensive gift. By the way, the cost of such “cats” are more than three million rubles.

Of course, subscribers are congratulated with “completion” Bondarchuk to the family, noting that such a machine worthy of the best of the master: “You and Your car happy for You!!”, “What are you still beautiful!”, “Do not cease to admire Svetnoy figure, everyone would have at her age!”, “You and your cat is just the bomb!”

However, as any publication of a public figure online, and this did not escape the criticism of dissatisfied users. “Very vulgar. It’s like 17 years old and really want to boast that all said — wow! Yes, you’re cool! Insanity. Direct disappointed. Always looked like a thoroughbred, sophisticated woman, and lately sheer narcissism and show-off,” wrote evil diva envious.


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