Svetlana Bondarchuk became a brunette

Светлана Бондарчук стала брюнеткой
The star changed her image and younger.

Photo: Instagram

Svetlana Bondarchuk once again impressed the public. The star radically changed her image and dyed his hair black. Frivolous image of the blonde in the past!

A few years ago, Svetlana already experimented with dark hair color, but quickly returned to its usual appearance.

Bondarchuk also released myself long straight bangs, and that in the opinion of her fans made her younger than at least 15 years. Svetlana and so no one can give her 48 years, and with a new hairstyle she looks a little crossed over the 30-year milestone!

However, some subscribers Svetlana suspect that this is an old photo, from 2013, the year when Bondarchuk last time you changed your hairstyle. So maybe the star is only thinking about an image change.