Svetlana Bondarchuk and Olga Dykhovichnaya suspected new novels

Светлану Бондарчук и Ольгу Дыховичную заподозрили в новых романах Journalists have summed up the year, amounting to a rating of pairs and the most high-profile breakups. According to insiders, Svetlana Bondarchuk was fascinated by the photographer Sergey Tabunov, and Olga DYKHOVICHNY’s Dating a millionaire Sergei Adoniev
Светлану Бондарчук и Ольгу Дыховичную заподозрили в новых романах

December is the traditional time to take stock. In one of the glossy magazines built the list of characters gossip, has attracted attention in the past 2017. The journalists found out who of regular guests stylish parties divorced, as well as those who, on the contrary, begins a new relationship.

According to secular observers, broke up a pair of Veronica and Boris Belotserkovsky. Suspected something was wrong when the businessman are increasingly began to appear in public without his wife. In addition, Hope Obolentseva divorced Airat Isakov. Secular lady attributed the novel with the photographer Sergey Tabunov, but, according to journalists, it is much closer to Svetlana Bondarchuk. Correspondents say that the pair appeared together at the award of GQ magazine, and then took part in a photo shoot, demonstrating to others the reverent attitude to each other.

“The menu includes daily breakfasts on Svetnoy the food from her bistro. How touching,” say the journalists.

Светлану Бондарчук и Ольгу Дыховичную заподозрили в новых романах

Meanwhile, Fyodor Bondarchuk’s happily in a relationship with Paulina Andreeva. The couple, which many consider one of the most beautiful in the Russian film industry, often published. Not long ago, the Director and the actress was at a fashion show, and then shone at the premiere of “Myths” Alexander Molochnikova. Ten days later, Fedor and Pauline had visited the Russian film Week in London. The festival opens with a screening of Bondarchuk’s blockbuster “Gravity.”

Not only Svetlana Bondarchuk found a new love, but Olga DYKHOVICHNY. Actress and Director is now Dating a millionaire Sergei Adoniev who broke up with his sweetheart Maryana from Kharkov. The pair traveled together to the christening of children of Miranda Mirianashvili in Tbilisi.

“According to friends, Adoni in London teaches a new love useful practices, including silence,” – noted in the Tatler magazine.

By the way, in the spring of this year on the screens out the film “Alive” with the participation of Olga Dykhovichnaya. Starring in the blockbuster, which tells about the study of life on Mars, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson. “I went on typecasting, and I was asked to record a video: to play the scene like me attacking an alien. After long talks on Skype I approve” – shared Olga with “StarHit”. Shooting with DYKHOVICHNY was held in London and lasted four months. Olga Dykhovichnaya took the risk for the sake of Hollywood