Svetlana Bodrova first told in an interview about dead wife

Светлана Бодрова впервые поведала в интервью о погибшем супруге
It’s been 15 years since missing the famous actor and Director Sergei Bodrov, who at that time was 30 years old.

Светлана Бодрова впервые поведала в интервью о погибшем супруге

And now, after so much time actor’s wife Svetlana decided on a candid interview in which I remembered my husband.

“You know, I understand now — so we could have a lot of our children to give the two of us. Am I the only one not able to do it. This makes me very hard. Seriously, I don’t have those daily hours in the kitchen with him when we could until morning to talk, talk, talk. Had to talk the same way. To go in the car and be silent. Or home to stay and be silent. Sometimes I see people do not know how to be silent with each other, and we could. Not spoke — but it didn’t mean that we don’t want to talk, we’re still together, we have an internal dialogue between themselves.

And our son Sasha — he’s just very similar in character to Jacob. Very. Even in the movements sometimes: when he starts to wriggle or dance, I right current breaks because I see him. Somehow genetically passed on to all, up to the character. And I understand that, if she and Sergei were now together, they’re so thin each other can feel and understand”, – says the woman.

Acquaintance of the future spouses took place thanks to the common friend Sergei Kushnerev and quickly found a common language.

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