Светлана Антонова открыла секрет идеальной фигуры
The star of “Hunt for piranha”, a mother three times, came to a perfect result empirically.

Svetlana Antonova

Photo: photo from personal archive of Svetlana Antonova

Every time after childbirth, and Svetlana Antonova two daughters and a son to whom she gave birth this spring, the actress was looking for
effective ways to lose weight fast. The first attempt ended in a hungry faint,
the second helped to limit the amount of food and only a third put everything in
. “His 37 years I finally learned with the mind
approach to nutrition — says Svetlana. — The main thing was — to exclude
from the diet one “s” (salt) and two “W” (fried and fatty)”.

According to the actress, she is very lucky husband: he, Director
Alexander Zhigalkin, gradually taught her to eat healthy. Thanks
to him, she realized that salt only spoils the taste — really
it is easy to replace condiments, and spices. “Sometimes I still indulge myself
herring, pickled cucumbers or sauerkraut — says Antonov. —
But it is in any case not an everyday food, and fun, festive

In addition to salt, the actress refused to and from the pan. “Meat, fish, seafood and vegetables either boiled or baked in
the oven or cook on the grill. And their signature dumplings made from three varieties
meat: beef, veal and lamb”.

Surprisingly, the body by attuning to a gentle diet, became Svetlana
“suggest” that need to be eating. “Once went to the market saw
the cashew and realized that I really want them. Ate a whole pack. — she recalls. Next
the day I passed the medical examinations. A blood test showed that I have a potassium deficiency
and magnesium. The doctor advised a few products, including imagine
cashews. I even laughed — a pier, has already started!”.

Among the secrets of actress — calorie food only in the first
half of the day (“At this time, all assimilated without harm to the figures), physical activity (“Muscle
diet will not get!”) and the struggle with the evening “Gorom” (“I go to the fridge and…
a one percent yogurt drink, and sleep, know that in the morning pamper yourself and a sandwich
cheese pancakes with sour cream”).

Details about what helps Svetlana Antonova is to look like she is caring for the skin and which sports he prefers, read here.

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