Svetlana Antonova called the son of the most masculine name

Светлана Антонова назвала сына самым мужественным именем
The star of the movie “piranha” decided on the name for a long-awaited baby.and.

Svetlana Antonova and Alexander Zhigalkin

Photo: “7 Days”

The star “Hunting for a piranha” Svetlana Antonova and her husband, Director Alexander Zhigalkin (“Six frames”, “Voronin”, “Daddy’s girls”) were chosen for long-awaited son, the rare and the most masculine name. I Zhigalkin already has three daughters. The girls were born and his marriage to actress Daria Poverennova, and married to producer Catherine Gegalkine.

Four years ago Alexander and Svetlana also had a daughter — Taisa. And then, finally, on 8 April, the 48-year-old Gigalkin and 36-year-old Antonova was born the heir.

Newborn boy’s parents named him Arseny. By the way, the translation of this name from Greek, means “male, virile”.

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