Светлаков подколол Бузову за отношения с Тарасовым Showman shared his emotions after the victory of “Locomotive” over “Zenith”. Commenting on the title of the railroad in the Russian football Premier League Sergey Svetlakov could not recall the divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov.
Светлаков подколол Бузову за отношения с Тарасовым

Big fan of “Locomotive” Sergey Svetlakov gave an interview in which he told about how he became a fan of football, and shared his opinion about the activities of coach Yuri Semin. It is known that the showman with childhood hurts for the railroad and tries not to miss a single match.

Not so long ago favorite club Svetlakov defeated the St. Petersburg “Zenit” with the score 1:0 and ahead of schedule became the champion of Russia. It was the first time since 2004. The comedian admitted that he admires the work of Yuri Semin.

Светлаков подколол Бузову за отношения с Тарасовым“Boundless love and respect this man! Thank you for once again he has justified our hopes! His health and our chants!” – he spoke.

Svetlakov also compare Semin with the hero of the novel by Mario Puzo “the Godfather”. Speaking of the railroad, Sergei could not remember and done a lot of noise in the divorce of Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova.

“Yuri Semin is our don Corleone. In 40-50 years, when he will leave the club to sit on the lawn with a cane, leaning on the corner flag, he would call the team and prohripyat: “my Children, I’m leaving… Remember two rules to always win: sell “Spartak” player with a name ending in -amedov, and do not take in the club woman. All go… Oh, and don’t marry never Buzova! Can you hear me? This is the main curse for the club…” – said the showman with journalists.

In a recent interview Svetlakov told that is familiar with many players of “Locomotive”. According to the artist, the best sense of humor Marinato Guilherme. In addition, Sergei said about what is ready to commemorate the victory of railwaymen. “To take from the Railways a billion-dollar advertising contract, is willing to sleep with Monica Bellucci, willing all his life to eat…. Well, what can you do, have it!” – he joked in an interview with Sport24.

Recall that in January it became known about the departure of Sergei Svetlakov and Alexander Nezlobin with TNT. From 1 July, the famous comic actors start to work on STS. Svetlakov and Nezlobin will be the faces of the channel and together will launch a Studio to release the show by request of the employer. Sergey and Alexander confirmed the information, well-publicized, but did not disclose details of the contract. According to Nezlobin, viewers will see the new projects before the end of the year.