Света Светикова обрушилась с критикой на шоу «Голос»
The star of the musicals disappointed with the finalists of the project.

Svetlana Svetikova

Photo: @svetikova_music Instagram Svetlana Svetikovoy

Svetlana Svetikova harshly criticized the next edition of the show “the Voice.” The results of the voting of the audience and the mentors song contest brought the star of the musicals disappointment. Your emotions Svetikova shared in social networks.

“I was just wondering… In our country are living “young old”? We are definitely in the 21st century? They are all aware of how in the modern world sing?” — said Svetlana.

It was supported by many viewers. The list of finalists was puzzled by those who are actively rooting for their idols. To win the contest lost opportunity: Anton Lavrentiev, Daniel storms, Brandon stone (which at the last moment “turned away” Leonid Agutin) and Laura Gorbunova. So for the title of winner of the “Voice 6” battle: Selim Allahyarov, Timofey Kopylov, Yang GE and Ladislav Bubnar.

Fans of “the departed” artists, from the great resentment and frustration, you post that “all bought” and honest way to win the competition is impossible. However, the mentors of the program have repeatedly denied rumors of “bribes”. Nevertheless, they have among the participants have their “Pets” who they support in the form of choosing more winning songs.

For example, Dima Bilan didn’t hide that he has a special relationship to Yang GE. “It turned out in the end to stay in this warm, Christmas product, because we feel the song from office romance “in my soul there is no peace”! Garza — warm, sincere man, which is why she has many real friends, and if life outside of project touch, the truest, and how it applies to them, as if wanted to say you can’t lose! — posted by Bilan in its mikroblogerami the semi-finals. — I congratulate you with the ending, Gesh! But it doesn’t matter — the semi-finals, the final victory, as we told you in the dressing room, the most important thing is to live on the stage of the music — in-chief the buzz of what is happening!”