Susan Sarandon told about breastfeeding

Сьюзан Сарандон рассказала о кормлении грудью

The mother of three children and Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon have joined the discussion on breastfeeding and talked about their experiences, their experiences three decades ago.

“Breastfeeding can be simple, or maybe complex. Sometimes improper feeding can lead to mastitis, and it really hurts. Now everything is much easier. When I had children, I borrowed a breast pump from my friends because it was difficult to acquire. Large pieces of equipment occupied half of the house and made a loud rumble. Now my daughter also has a breast pump is a small and quiet device that fits in your hand” — glad for her daughter Susan.
Being a grandmother, Sarandon admits, is much easier than being a mom. She is glad that her grandchildren don’t need to be as strict as with children. His granddaughter Susan is going to allow everything to become the best grandmother in the world.

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