Survivors who Igor Bochkin hinted that again going to be a dad

Переживший кому Игорь Бочкин намекнул, что снова станет папой The actor was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on “Russia 1”. Igor admitted that only with the fourth wife, artist Anna Legchilova found true happiness. The star couple have hinted at the addition to the family.
Переживший кому Игорь Бочкин намекнул, что снова станет папой

Igor Bochkin became famous after roles in the films “Goryachev and other”, “Women’s logic 2”, “the Saboteur 2: the end of the war” and many others. The actor was married four times. Bochkina first wife was his classmate, the granddaughter of General Avraamy Zavenyagin – Alice. The couple broke up after graduation.

The second time Bochkin married a girl, Svetlana. In this actra Union was born a daughter, Alexandra. The couple broke up when she was little. Igor Shuvalov admitted that the divorce was very painful. Svetlana allowed the artist to communicate with the child for a few hours a week. Work Bochkin could not maintain contact with the heiress, he decided to sever all ties with my previous family. As admitted Bochkin, for him, the restriction of communication with a child was humiliating.

Third wife, is not a joke, the actor lived for more than 10 years. Despite this, the children, the couple was not.

And here is the fourth Union – actress and filmmaker Anne of Legchilova, as noted by Mr. Shuvalov, became for him the most happy. The wife came to the program “the Destiny of man” and told how he met Igor Ivanovich. According to her, Bochkin at the first meeting, she absolutely did not like.

“He was terribly serious, with such pathos — He was the leading actor of the Pushkin theater,” said Anna.
Переживший кому Игорь Бочкин намекнул, что снова станет папой

Bochkin over Legchilova for 12 years. The actor is sure that he’s a difficult character, and in his youth he had a weakness for strong drinks. A few years ago, Igor moved to, she was near her beloved husband.

“Clinical death… the Clot had ruptured a lung, the day was at the office, the artificial coma” – was sincere Bochkin.
Переживший кому Игорь Бочкин намекнул, что снова станет папой

Anna said that after this incident, began to monitor the health of the spouse, and forbade Boccino to drink alcohol. Legalov admitted that he is not jealous of her husband’s previous marriages and have learned not to pay attention to numerous fans. “I am a strange fellow. That to me was not about me. It was before my era. He talked about his daughter. I knew,” said Anna.

At the end of the program Boris korchevnikov asked the couple if he wanted to have children together. Bochkin and Legalov slyly answered this question lead.

“It’s an exclusive to another program on your channel. The man is just going crazy, if he doesn’t dream about the baby. It is impossible to tell everything in one broadcast!” smiled Bochkin and Legalov.