Survivors of the shooting in the Tver region has shared details of the tragedy

Выжившая при расстреле в Тверской области поделилась деталями трагедии 21-year-old girl came to the Studio “Let them talk”. She spoke in detail about how the dispute ensued, which escalated into a bloody massacre of nine of the victims, and how she managed to save their lives.
Выжившая при расстреле в Тверской области поделилась деталями трагедии

Last weekend the whole country was shocked by the news of a massacre that occurred in the Tver region. A group of 11 people vacationing in the country. Deep in the night between the guests, a dispute arose electrician Sergey Egorov claimed that he served in the airborne, but the audience didn’t believe his words and began to mock him. Being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, the man went home for his gun to intimidate the incredulous neighbors. However, threats Sergey Egorov came to the point in the end, he shot four women and five men. The only one who miraculously survived, was a 21-year-old Marina Konygin she hid at home under the covers. Shot the neighbors in the Tver region detained

Today a girl came to the Studio program “Let them talk” to the entire country to report the details of the ill-fated evening, and to put forward their version of events.

Выжившая при расстреле в Тверской области поделилась деталями трагедии

Marina told what controversy ensued. “Sergei said that he served in the airborne. He asked, “what part did you serve?” He could not answer. “As you were, if you can not call the part?”

According to Marina, they just laughed at the fact that a man of 45 years, and he still lives with his mother, but she noted that no one was insulted and humiliated. Then the electrician started the car and drove away. It happened, says Marina, at midnight.

After the feast, some went home to sleep, and five guests sat in the garden, listened to music and talked. The girl denied the rumors that everybody was drunk. According to her, the guests were quite adequate. Konygin remembered that about three o’clock in the morning Egorov returned. She was already asleep, but not on the second floor, as claimed by some media, but on the ground.

Выжившая при расстреле в Тверской области поделилась деталями трагедии“The screams, I slept on the first floor near the window, look out, I hear mate. First kill Glory, saw I blood, brains. He immediately fell, Sergey comes to Alexander, as the Mat goes, he hits a head butt and said, “dig another grave.” But just takes him by the hair, knocks on the ground, to stop the gun – and shoots. I don’t know how I figured out to dial 112, to call the police. At the time, killed two people” – through tears said Marina.
Выжившая при расстреле в Тверской области поделилась деталями трагедии

Marina remembered that women cried and begged to keep them alive and say that they have children. The girl took refuge with a blanket, and beside her lay a dog. “He comes into the house, but my room did not come, I was in shock. Usually my dog begins to growl and show voice. I in his ear: “benny, quiet.” The first time I saw that the dog stopped breathing,” the girl said.

Marina can’t believe that she managed to survive. She lost her fiancé, with whom he vacationed in the country. Also died a 92 year old grandmother men. According to the girl, Egorov began to drag the corpses into the house and stripped them. The girl wonders how he never noticed her in the room.

“I see it through the transparent blanket, he brought the gasoline. I think if he was going to lift the blanket, I will not. And he turns abruptly, something stopped him. And went over to the last corpse. I hear that the police arrived, he was arrested, I stood up. Thanks to the Benko we survived,” – said Marina.
Выжившая при расстреле в Тверской области поделилась деталями трагедии

Konygin remembered that he could not believe the groom’s death. After police arrived, she was desperate and was even willing to take a sin – Egorov shoot, which took the life of nine innocent people.

In the Studio there was a former Chairman of the garden Association Tatyana Arkhipova, who said that she wanted to turn off the electricity. She didn’t understand what was the cause, but then came to the conclusion that this is the revenge of a new Chairman. Tatiana also said that Egorov lived in the house with my mother.

The program showed a video taken during the arrest the men. He said that he has a daughter and partner they do not live together.

The neighbors launched their version – they believe that Egorov shot people envy. According to them, he saw happy neighbors who enjoy life and rest in the country. Residents of the garden Association suggested that Sergei had problems in his personal life.