Выжившие в пожаре в Кемерово откровенно рассказали о трагедии The incident shocked all Russians. The fire killed more than 60 people. The building of the store carrying flowers and stuffed animals. According to witnesses, many victims of the tragedy are unable to get out of the building because of locked doors.
Выжившие в пожаре в Кемерово откровенно рассказали о трагедии

Yesterday in Kemerovo there was a fire in TTS “the Winter cherry”. More than 14 hours, firefighters tried to fight the fire. The fire occurred in the nursery near the trampoline. According to some reports, the fire exits of the shopping center was blocked. Besides, there are suspicions that an employee of the security company can disable the alarm.

In the Studio “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on the channel “Russia 1” have discussed this terrible tragedy, which killed more than 60 people. Public figure Olga Chernyak remembered that many years ago was in pogoboy situation when she was injured during the capture of hostages on “Nord-OST”.

“Detained three people. Where these guards that output? Where are those security?” – asks the woman.

Many believe that what happened to blame the owners of the shopping center. Alexander Nikitin was responsible for the fire safety system in the shopping center and for the alarm. “Alexander doesn’t have any special education, and he had never worked with complex equipment”, – reported by the media.

Russians mourn the victims of the fire in the shopping center, Kemerovo

Выжившие в пожаре в Кемерово откровенно рассказали о трагедии

According to experts, in videos shot in smoke-filled center, can not hear the universal voice alarm. At the moment rescuers from the rubble of the store. Local residents staged a memorial at the Mall, bring flowers and toys.

Maryana Lebedeva, who witnessed the tragedy, was on the fourth floor of the “Winter cherry”.

“At the time of the fire, I finished training in the gym and felt a smell of burning. Immediately saw the coach waving, so we all Packed up and ran out of the room, that this is not a drill. People ran out who in what was. To the main output was not to pass, everything was black. The gym was a separate entrance down. He pulled us to the first floor,” she admitted.

Another eyewitness to the incident was Oksana Sokolova, was an Intern in a furniture showroom, located on the third floor of the Mall. According to her, they first saw panic. “When we took away their belongings, the smoke went from the top. The fire alarm did not work. I think it’s negligence,” – said the interviewee.

The owner of the shopping center is Denis Shtengelov. He is in Australia and not in a hurry to return to Russia. We know that he promised three million rubles as compensation for each victim.

Students Emilia and Sonia became volunteers who assisted people at the Mall. Today the girls helped with the organization of products for those who were at the headquarters

“The escalator was not working, lifts not working, all the running, screaming, falling. I saw one that jumped from the third floor,” said one eyewitness of the tragedy.

Was present in the Studio called on the owners of the shopping center to pay attention to fire safety and to check operation of emergency exits.