В окружении Лободы опровергли слухи о рождении ее второго ребенка Star went to the USA to take pleasure in an interesting position and prepare for the baby’s arrival. Several media outlets reported the addition to the family of the artist, however, the representatives of Svetlana urged not to rush things.
В окружении Лободы опровергли слухи о рождении ее второго ребенка

Some time ago it became known that Svetlana Loboda is expecting her second child. For several months, the artist had to hide the interesting position and continued to work actively, speaking at venues, and removing the clips. Singer is not saying anything about the father of the unborn baby. Some believe that they can be the soloist of the Rammstein’s til Lindemann.

“I’m going to prepare for the most important event in every woman’s life – the birth of the baby. For me it is a great miracle, and I thank the heavens for this gift, and you, friends, for your love and your recognition! Yes, will get back to you in June!” said Loboda in early March.

Svetlana is located in Los Angeles, where going to give birth to a second child. Today, however, several media outlets reported that the singer has become a mother. “StarHit” to find out whether the artist is celebrating the addition to the family.

“No, she has not given birth,” – said surrounded by Svetlana.

According to some, Quinoa is going to give birth at the clinic where there were Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Alsu. Moms provide a separate two-bedroom house. The observation in this medical facility will be about 4 million rubles. Relatives of the singer look forward to the birth of another child.

Svetlana Loboda hides the father of the unborn child from parents

“Light tried to about the pregnancy found out as late as possible, – told “StarHit” Sergey, the father of the singer. But now the term is already large. We are happy, and the daughter wanted another baby. Granddaughter Evangeline – she will soon be 7 years – we already have, now I want a grandson! The father of the future baby it is, we have not yet presented, but any choice daughter, I approve! In the decree, the actress is not going to stay. Two months max will be able to stay without work and then get back on the stage! – continues the Pope-star. – She’s a workaholic, she needs to do something – to act, to tour, to surprise. And with baby’s help and to babysit, and walk. The more the experience is already there”.