Surrounded by Leonardo DiCaprio talking about his wedding

В окружении Леонардо Ди Каприо заговорили о его свадьбе It is assumed that the Hollywood actor will arrange a secret ceremony next spring. Leonardo DiCaprio is having an affair with model Nina Agdal. It is possible that her 41-year-old actor decided to connect his life.

      В окружении Леонардо Ди Каприо заговорили о его свадьбе
      В окружении Леонардо Ди Каприо заговорили о его свадьбе

      Leonardo DiCaprio is still one of the most eligible bachelors of Hollywood. Despite the fact that the artist is constantly having an affair with famous Actresses and models, none of them have been unable to come with him to the altar.

      With an enviable regularity in the press there are rumors that DiCaprio is getting married. This time he is credited with an affair with model Nina Agdal. It is assumed that couples will strengthen their relationship next spring.

      Despite the fact that the media have long discussed the novel DiCaprio and Nina Agdal, the lovers themselves are not tuned to show his personal life to the public. In the microblog model flashed pictures of different men, probably her colleagues.

      “Leo managed to meet with different girls and finally decided that he had found the one. Nina did not even bother about the engagement. They are already planning an intimate ceremony either in St. Barts, or on a private island next to him,” said the insider.

      Although Leonardo and is considered to be the eligible bachelor, the psychic Ziraddin Rzayev saw that in the life of a Hollywood actor all is not as rosy as everyone used to think. Under the assumptions of the seer, the man is a heir, which he practically does not communicate and even more, is her audience.

      “Leonardo DiCaprio has a bastard child – shared Rzayev with “StarHit”. – It’s a girl, she was born about five years ago. Mother and daughter the actor is now practically does not communicate, initially, these relationships were fleeting, he did not consider this woman as his permanent life partner. About the baby he immediately recognized. Helps daughter financial, rarely, but to see her, but to show the baby to the public in the near future is not going to.”

      Some media do not believe that the marriage of Leonardo and Nina still held. However, an insider said that the preparations for the celebration is already in full swing.

      “Leo is responsible for a large part of wedding planning, but he wants to make it so that she’s got what she wants,” said a source Aceshowbiz.