Суррогатное материнство как путь к счастью для известных артистов!

Суррогатное материнство как путь к счастью для известных артистов!


In 2015, the year of the famous Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk shocked the whole country the unexpected news that a second time became a mother. As written by the singer herself: “I again became a mother, I’m happy!”.
If the first son Gleb, Irina Bilyk was carrying herself, the second her pregnancy the doctors have forbidden from-for problems with health. But in spite of everything she has been dreaming about a second child because she met the man who more than anything wanted to give the baby. Escape for her was one – surrogacy! Her younger son Tabriz was born in one of the private European clinics, away from the prying eyes of the Ukrainian fans.
“We were looking forward to the emergence of our boy, and anyone not talk about it. I’m glad everything was just so. This is our native krovinochka!”, — says Iryna Bilyk.

The father of the child Irina Bilyk concealed for long, they became the lawful husband of a celebrity, a close friend of Lyudmila Gurchenko, a stylist with Azerbaijani roots – Aslan Akhmadov. Currently, the couple lives in two countries Irina in Ukraine, and her favorite – in Russia… but both are convinced that the upbringing of a child involved equally.

To have a full family dreamed of forever lonely Philip, and when I first became a father, I cried about it live at the ceremony “Golden gramophone”. “Just today, just a few minutes before this scene I was informed that my daughter was born!”, — says the singer.

Суррогатное материнство как путь к счастью для известных артистов!
And immediately the actor revealed all the cards, explaining that her daughter gave birth to a surrogate mother in Miami. Philip Kirkorov gave the girl a double name – Alla-Victoria in honor of the main women in his life – his ex-wife Alla Pugacheva and his mother Victoria. But less than a year as on the concert in Sofia the king of pop made a sensational statement that he is now twice a father. This time he was a boy. The child was named Martin. Son carried the mysterious American. And after a while Philip his godfather Andrei Malakhov, gave an interview in which she explained why turns for help to a surrogate mom.
“Well, I met the love of his life… why must I now be punished by fate, not to be continued. I am very grateful to the woman who took on the mission to give birth to my child and to deprive me of my solitude!”, the artist admitted.

The singer does not hide that children the meaning of his whole life, therefore, does not deny. Children live in a luxurious house, traveling in private jet, wear designer items that cost thousands of dollars.

To change diapers and sing lullabies have dreamed for years and Alla Pugacheva. Is still married to Philip Kirkorov, the singer was trying to get pregnant but she had a miscarriage. And when he found himself in the arms of young Galkina I realized that without the kids happiness will not be complete. In the fall of 2013 came to light it with Maxim Galkin doinate – Lisa and Harry, who gave birth to a surrogate mother. All the details of pregnancy and childbirth held in the strictest confidence. Pugacheva all assured that biologically her children, as the thought of everything in advance and just in case froze my eggs.
“It would not have said that it is not God’s work, I personally believe that these children, after all God gave, with surrogacy! This is happiness!”, said Alla Pugacheva.

With the advent of the children of famous artist are getting younger and younger and losing weight rapidly, but glowing with happiness and captures almost every step of Lisa and Harry, which, by the way, almost from the cradle became famous. For life and pearl which tracks millions of subscribers in the social. Network.

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