Surprises the American Music Awards

Сюрпризы церемонии American Music Awards
Absent Justin Bieber was the winner.

Сюрпризы церемонии American Music Awards

Ariana Grande

Photo: @justjared Instagram

Selena Gomez

Photo: @justjared Instagram

yesterday in Los Angeles annual awards ceremony American Music Awards gave the audience a couple as
pleasant and not too surprises. For starters, very angry fans of Britney Spears, awaiting her appearance as a guest at the ceremony. Alas, Britney didn’t
could come, because that night gave another concert of his
engagement in Las Vegas. However, and Justin Bieber, who currently makes
concert tour, also failed to get to Los Angeles. But he, unlike
Britney, delighted the audience with his videovystuplenie which recorded
if you are in Italy. By the way, a couple of days ago, speaking with a concert in Bologna, he boasted
before the fans of his new tattoo. Bieber
izvsten, as the owner of a vast collection of “tattoos”. But his new image
eclipsed all previous ones. Lifting his shirt, Justin showed the inscription on the chest,
made in huge letters. It read “Son of God” that gave his detractors
reason to pozloslovit like Bieber definitely started delusions of grandeur.

As it turned out,
tried Justin spent the time to write his speech, because
he was the winner last night, receiving more awards
as many as 4 pieces. However two singers behind him quite a bit:
Rihanna and Drake took this evening
home three awards. But Adele and Beyonce this time it took only
one prize. The main award of the ceremony — Artist of the Year — presented to the singer Ariana Grande.

a surprise was the appearance on stage Selena Gomez, which three months ago
announced a pause in concert activity for an indefinite period – as of
health. The fact that ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, suffers from severe side effects
autoimmune diseases — lupus, which took from her the doctors some
time ago. But the rest, apparently, went to the singer good. Appearing yesterday on stage
she looked beautiful. And his performance the singer was accompanied by emotional
speech, urging his fans not to lose heart in difficult situations and believe in
the possibility of victory over all difficulties.