Сюрпризы на Рождество In the run up to Christmas we “Live” decided to please the person, which by its very appearance in the frame brings smiles and optimistic charges millions of viewers. Inimitable, beloved national actress of Russia Tatyana Kravchenko in the Arsenal which 120 roles, it has become all truly native series “Matchmakers”. Unlike her heroine, model of family happiness of Baluchi Bud’ko, in the life of Tatyana Eduardovna was very heavy moments.
Сюрпризы на Рождество

Tatiana Eduardovna constantly competed with a strong mother, who always believed that Tanya ruined careers, domestic roles, is that mother and daughter even a few years of not talking. The actress has been through two failed marriages, has known the fate of a single mother, raised a beautiful daughter Anna. And few people know that Tatyana Eduardovna was born out of wedlock by a married man who had another family, children, and his sisters Tanya had never seen. One day, however, her service entrance of the theatre “Lenkom” has brought a letter.

“I thought: probably, fans of my photo sent – type sign. Open, look – an elderly woman sitting with a Cup of tea. I: well, absolutely stunned, your photos sent to me. That I them on my wall?! And in the morning my daughter says: “Mom, it’s Alexander, your sister.”
Сюрпризы на Рождество

Ask Tatiana Eduardovna:

– Tell me, do after this letter there was no contact?

Of course I found her, phoned. 9 Dec I with the birthday congratulated. But to meet we never had a chance. I know that she and her family live in Donetsk, working as a doctor. But with Ukraine now is going on, they are even our “Matchmakers” to the show banned…

When Alexander Tokarev appeared in the Studio, Tatyana Kravchenko was momentarily speechless. After all, the sisters never saw each other!

– Father died of cancer when Tanya was three months – then told Alexandra. And although at first all of us were hiding, I knew a sister once even found a photo of a little girl with bows. And then, years later, our friend told her name, explained that she became an actress…

Сюрпризы на Рождество

– How did you react to the series “Matchmakers”? And in General, know the movies with Tatiana?

– When in the credits I saw the name Kravchenko, it was for me an instant inclusion! I have to watch!

The ring that Alexander Tokarev brought to the Studio – a family heirloom, it passed from woman to woman.

– I’m older than Taani and want her to wear, and then gave her daughter – a woman like dismal tears. Last February I buried my sister Sonia, and a second sister that found…

Сюрпризы на Рождество
Сюрпризы на Рождество