Сюрприз: любовница Криштиану Роналду ждет от него дочку!
A new addition to the family will happen soon

Сюрприз: любовница Криштиану Роналду ждет от него дочку!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

Photo: @cristiano/Instagram

According to the Portuguese press,
family Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently became a father to twins in this
in the fall added another baby. According to
Portuguese website okdiario.com,
Georgina Rodriguez, mistress
the famous athlete, is expecting his child. Approval
informant site, Ronaldo and his beloved already know the sex of their future child. Georgina
happy Cristiano daughter! The baby is expected in
the end of October.

For the first time about a possible pregnancy girlfriend Ronaldo
began in may, when the footballer tweeted a photo with Georgina
where he gently held a hand on the already quite noticeable belly love, as
love doing the Boyfriends and husbands of women “in position”. And then there were new pictures
Rodriguez, in which her belly was swelling more and more…

Cristiano Ronaldo with children

Photo: @cristiano/Instagram

But still six months
ago Georgina could boast a wasp waist! Incidentally, in the past, to
she decided to start modeling career, she was a professional dancer.
However, when Ronaldo met her last summer, Rodriguez,
pending the signing of a contract with a modeling Agency, worked at the Gucci boutique in Madrid.

As you say, Ronaldo is indescribably happy. After all
he has repeatedly said that enjoying his role as a father. Before the advent of
on light twins, he tried to spend more time with his son Cristiano Jr., who is now 7 years old.
And when you were born the twins, for the opportunity to communicate with them, Ronaldo
even found it possible to refuse their participation in the final matches of the Cup