Сюрприз: жених Пиппы Мидллтон оказался лордом!
James Matthews sought the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge for 10 years.

Pippa Middleton

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Since the day when it was announced about the engagement
Pippa Middleton and James Matthews took only two weeks. However, during this time
reporters managed to find out many intriguing facts about the groom sister of Kate Middleton.

First of all, it concerns the social
status of Matthews. When it became known that Pippa has accepted the proposal of James,
her friends came in astonishment. Firstly, the younger Middleton and Matthews,
like all thought had met before I got engaged, less than a year. And secondly,
although James had a reputation as a very wealthy man, but could not
to boast of any title. But gossip at the time was called Pippa “the huntress
for the aristocracy”…

However, as it turned out, everything in the story
engagement sister of the Duchess was not as it might seem at first glance. About
this told the newspaper Daily
Mail. For a start, Pippa, became the wife of James still
get the title but not immediately. It turns out that James’s father David is not just a multimillionaire, he’s a Lord.
Besides, he – the owner of an old
castle in Scotland, near the famous
Loch ness, where according to legend, lives the mysterious monster. And James,
law, will inherit a title and her father’s castle. So Pippa in one
day will have the right to be called “lady.”

Not quite accurate was the information
about how long does the courtship Matthews for his bride. As
blurted out one of his buddies, James first met Pippa in 2006,
on one of the social events. He fell in love with her at first sight. But sister
Kate at that time, alas, was busy with another boyfriend, Jonathan

However, Matthews decided to be patient and
wait for your chance to be her Beau, from time to time appearing in its
the horizon. First chance to win the heart of
Pippa came in 2012, when the younger Middleton broke up with her
another man, an aristocrat George Percy. Alas, then their romance was short — Pippa managed
charming Nico Jackson.

But Matthews again did not despair, he knew how to wait.

And finally, when in the autumn of last year Pippa
and Nico broke up, James made another “storm of the heart” Middleton, and
this time he finally succeeded. And now, at the beginning of 2017 Pippa will be legitimate
the wife of James. And their wedding is expected to be one of the brightest
events in the social life of Britain.

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