Surprise: Megan Fox is pregnant again!

Сюрприз: Меган Фокс снова беременна!
Everyone’s asking who was the father of her child

Megan Fox


The appearance of Megan Fox at the premiere of the film with her participation “teenage Mutant ninja turtles
2” became a sensation. The fact that his appearance in public
the actress chose a form-fitting black dress. And gorgeous outfit Megan allowed all
make sure that the actress is pregnant again! It wouldn’t be surprising
if at present was not in the midst of her divorce with Brian
Greene. And no new boyfriend next to the actress so far has not been noticed…
So we can only guess who the father of her unborn child.

Megan and Brian announced his decision to leave in
August of last year. And soon it became known that Megan officially filed for
divorce. He indicated in his statement that he wants to get joint custody over their shared with Brian children. Besides, Fox said that has nothing
against payments to green’s spousal alimony. The fact is that as a result of serious
the accident, which hit the car of Brian Greene received a severe
a traumatic brain injury. Because of this, he suffered constant dizziness and
was almost unable to work.

Fox and green have lived together in wedlock for five years, peacefully raising
two sons — three year old Noah and two-year Bodhi. Their romance began in
2004, when both starred in the show “Hope and Faith”. Two years later, Megan and Brian announced their engagement,
however, three years later it decided to break. But their relationship is not
ended, on the contrary, in 2010 they got engaged again. And this time not
started to procrastinate and got married after only 24 days after the announcement of his
the second engagement.

No one knows exactly what caused the decision pair
to get a divorce. Said, Bryan was constantly complaining about how much time and effort
his wife gives up work, he wanted to see her at home more often. Ambitious and Megan
longed to make a career. After the announcement of the divorce of the spouses is often seen
together, but all believed that they communicate solely for the sake of the children. However,
the last time the paparazzi have been increasingly able to catch a couple together without children.
And yet until yesterday, no one thought that Fox and green could
to change your mind and cancel the divorce. Although if this does happen, Brian may
to be the father of the child. Of course, if Megan wasn’t started during this time secret

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