Surfaced unexpected details of the last of Elizabeth Boyar

Всплыли неожиданные подробности прошлого Елизаветы Боярской Teachers of the actress has told what kind of story she got. Teachers who held Elizabeth Boyar few years, opened the “StarHit” the details of her training. At school she handed out to teachers the autographs of father and pretended to be sick.
Всплыли неожиданные подробности прошлого Елизаветы Боярской

On the set of a future star of the screen was quite by accident. Once in the apartment boyar bell rang, and the phone was approached by a 15-year lease. An unfamiliar male voice asked her: “Can I speak to Mikhail Sergeyevich?” But parents were not home. On the other end did not panic: “Girl, don’t want to play in a movie?” Without thinking, Boyarsky agreed, and not in vain… Today I invite Elizabeth to play the most famous Russian Directors. So, June 8 was the premiere of Karen Shakhnazarov’s film “Anna Karenina. History Vronsky”. In the picture Lisa has played a major role. It is now the fans are asked Boyarsky to sign a photo or take a selfie. And before the girl spoke only to requests about the famous dad.

Cops and robbers

“First class Lisa came up with big white bows – says “StarHit” Oksana Georgievna, the teacher of Actresses in the English language. She immediately established herself as a capable girl. If the teacher asked the question, immediately raised his hand. While his peers have never put on airs. Always communicate with everyone on equal terms. My item had received mostly a’s. However, sometimes forgotten homework to do. Somehow during the follow-up dictation Lisa shouted: “Wait, I don’t have time!” It turned out she was so neat conclusion in the writing of the letter that was left behind. But when the declared valuation, Elizabeth received the “excellent”.

By the way, its from school often took dad. Remember, we then repaired to the locker room at school, and parents met the children in the yard. Mikhail Gorbachev tried to come in early. Will lean on the column, pull on the hat to his nose and patiently waiting daughter. Of course, despite the cloak, he was out. But no one dared to approach, shy. But the most cunning teachers requested through Lisa to give them an autograph!”

The Boyar class was friendly. Therefore, the successor of the famous names often had the attention of the boys.

Всплыли неожиданные подробности прошлого Елизаветы Боярской“Lizaveta is the first fashionista in parallel, – has told Svetlana, a classmate of the star. – The lessons always come with braided pigtails. The boys by this beauty could not pass. Pulling them in different directions. But Lisa was offended and never complained about bullies. On the contrary, as if nothing happened first came in to play tag or cops and robbers! For the sake of classmates, she was even ready to pay the penalty. Once at the lesson I was chatting with a friend. Master heard their conversation and asked Boyarsky to stand beside their desks for five minutes. Lisa, not prerelease, obeyed. Knew it!”
Всплыли неожиданные подробности прошлого Елизаветы Боярской


In the senior classes of the boyar began to think about the future of the profession. Dreamed to connect his life with a foreign language. “Elizabeth used to fly on an exchange program with students abroad – says the “StarHit” Love of Aleksandrovna, the teacher of celebrity in the German language. – Most often the girl was sent to Munich. Trips Lisa loved to share with them their dreams. Told her friends: “actress just will not go! Mom says that I received a classical education.” But senior year changed her mind.

Всплыли неожиданные подробности прошлого Елизаветы БоярскойCame once to me to class, threw the briefcase on the Desk and said: “Hurrah! The issue was resolved! Will hear.” I sincerely rejoiced. Seen at a family meeting Lisa convinced to follow in his parents ‘ footsteps. Especially in school where she wanted to apply, the course is gaining Director Lev Dodin. To get to it dreamed of hundreds of students because he is a professional in his field”.

In addition to the study Boyarskaya took part in the theatrical life of the school. Did plays, sang on the stage. Teachers still remember her acting talent.

“Elizabeth skillfully shirked my lessons, continues Lyubov. – Raised hand and a barely audible muttering: “Lyubov, I’m bad!” I approached her, tried to feel the temperature hand. But I felt nothing. Asked Lisa: “You just unwell?” She confidently nodded his head. At such moments, I, of course, let children home. So did Lisa. While he helped to collect things, to the Cabinet approached her older brother Serge. He also studied at our school. A month later began to notice that Lizaveta health problems have increased: the tooth hurts, my throat.

To dispel doubts, took advantage of the moment when the school came to Lisa’s mother: “Larisa Reginaldo why your girl is so often sick? Need to strengthen the immune system!” She only made a puzzled look: “How is it? Daughter to health, FIE-FIE-FIE, does not complain”. So the whole truth was opened. But I at lease don’t be angry. That you can take with the baby?”