Support the hockey team and win prizes!

Поддержи сборную по хоккею и выиграй призы! Among fans there are many creative individuals, easily coming up with chants that can scan the whole room. Let your talent will be appreciated by all not indifferent to hockey! Take part in the competition and become the owner of valuable prizes.

    Поддержи сборную по хоккею и выиграй призы!

    Millions of fans of the national hockey team every time with pleasure watching the matches of your favorite team. Among those indifferent to the sport there are many creative individuals. They easily come up with a variety of chants to Express their devotion to the players and support them at a time of intense competition. The most creative possible short phrase to motivate the team to win. And the most successful chants quickly pick up the rest of the audience.

    You are also not indifferent to hockey and want to support your favorite team? Then put it with friends a short video that will inspire athletes to new athletic feats. Go to the website silagra.Russia and share the chants in any way – put the video on the website, download a ready-made visuals, or use a special number and send it by WhatsApp/ Viber /Telegram. Watch the reaction of users and wait for the results. The winner will receive the coveted iPhone7, and the participants who took second and third place will be awarded a certificate sports store. Winners will also receive invitations to the podium of the Ice Palace in Moscow.

    In the contest may participate by anyone – most importantly, to chant like the greatest number of people. Share video in social networks. Ten participants with the highest number of votes will continue to fight for the main prize. And then the jury will choose the five best videos, will distribute the prizes and announce the winner.

    In order to prepare an eloquent chant and send your videos, you have time left – the contest is held from 10 November to 8 December with the support of “Septolete® Total”.

    Detailed information about the contest rules read at silagra.Russia

    Don’t hide your talent and enthusiasm – perhaps Your chant will chant all, who wants to see the national hockey team the winner. Every fan knows that athletes are very grateful for the support during matches. The audience does not feel sorry for myself during the game to support, encourage, and pabortsau result along with your favorite team. A “Septolete® Total” take care of the health of the throat of the fans**. Your throat is your strength!

    *is not stimuluses event

    **there are contraindications to the use. You should consult with a specialist

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